Friday, January 25, 2013

Al Gore is wealthier than Mitt Romney. Ho hum.

By Richard K. Barry

According to Time, Al Gore has "built a net worth to some $300 million, according to the scorekeepers at Forbes. By their measure, he is now richer than the renowned supercapitalist Mitt Romney."

How did he makes his money, I'm sure you are asking? Here's one way:

The late Steve Jobs installed him on Apple's board, encouraged Gore’s regular interventions around company head­quarters in Cupertino, Calif., and compensated him with stock options that Gore recently exercised for nearly $30 million.

And then there is this:

That check landed close behind Gore's estimated $100 million profit on the sale of Current TV to al-Jazeera, a deal in the waning hours of 2012 that sent Gore bashers into orbit. Gore is also a co-founder, along with former Goldman Sachs executive David Blood, of Generation Investment Management, a private partnership that pursues what Gore calls sustainable capitalism. With more than $3.5 billion under management, the firm pursues Gore's belief that companies prosper over the long haul if they pay attention to values beyond the quarterly earnings report.

Okay. Whatever.

As a rule, I'm pretty indifferent to other people's money, though I always find it rather strange so many conservatives think that progressives shouldn't have any money. I think they reason that if progressives like the poor so much, they ought to join them, by, perhaps for the sake of some notion of consistency, giving all their money away to help them. 

I know, it makes no sense, but I swear it's true. 

The American people have shown time and again that they don't resent great wealth in their leaders as long as their leaders make some attempt to show they have real concern for those less fortunate. 

So, Al Gore is richer than Mitt Romney. What's your point?

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