Saturday, December 29, 2012

Listening to Now: Barney Kessel`s Swingin' Easy

Not that I ever thought I'd play like Barney Kessel, but I do own an Epiphone ES-175 guitar and thought maybe some day I could make a few noises that sounded a bit like jazz. The clock is ticking and I'm not so sure anymore, but I still love Barney Kessel.

I've got Swingin' Easy on the turntable (yes, the turntable). It's a 1971 release on Black Lion Records.

It's one of those jazz albums that tries to take advantage of the popularity of '60s rock and roll and ends up sounding a little wierd in places, maybe like it should be part of the soundtrack for an Austin Powers' movie or a Love American Style episode (ask your parents if you need to).  Still, there are some nice cuts including "Autumn Leaves," "The Look of Love," and "I Will Wait for You."

Credits are:

Bass – Kenny Napper

Drums – John Marshall
Engineer – Carlos Olms
Guitar – Barney Kessel
Producer – Alan Bates

Here's a lovely version of "Autumn Leaves," by the man.

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