Thursday, November 08, 2012

A.M. Headlines

U.S. Politics

(New York Times): "Back to work, Obama is greeted by looming fiscal crisis"

(Washington Post): "Election Day indicates national political divide is deepening"

(Associated Press)
: "Obama, GOP leaders lay down markers on budget deal"

(The Hill): "Boehner pivots on taxes after president's reelection"

(Reuters): "Obama, buoyed by election win, faces new challenges"

Other News

(New York Times): "Wall Street dips after Obama victory"

(New York Times): "Fragile coalition in Greece narrowly backs austerity"

(Reuters): "Foxconn's Gou says tough to cope with iPhone demand"

(Reuters): "Wintry storm hits Northeast, slowing Sandy recovery"

: "Former Penn State president arraigned on cover-up charges"


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