Friday, September 14, 2012

A.M. Headlines

U.S. Politics

(Wall Street Pit): "QE3 and the Fed dual mandate"

(Reuters): "No deal in Chicago as strike talks drag on"

(New York Times): "Obama holds narrow edge over Romney"

(Washington Post): "Romney team sharpens attack on Obama's foreign policy"

(The Hill): "Ryan gets hero's welcome from House GOP upon return to DC"

(Houston Chronicle): "Israel leader says U.S. may not act against Iran"

(New York Times): "Fossil fuel industry ads dominate TV campaign"

Other News

(USA Today): "Egypt president: Protecting embassies an Islamic duty"

(Telegraph): "U.S. sends marines to Yemen embassy as turmoil spreads across Muslim world"

(Globe and Mail): China's naval show of strength raises stakes in island dispute with Japan"

(Associated Press): "Packers run fake FG, beat Beats 23-10"


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