Sunday, August 19, 2012

Republicans are still fighting the last campaign

By Richard K. Barry

We've seen time and again the Republicans fighting the last campaign in their attacks on President Obama. We know that a part of their strategy is to suggest Obama is still not experienced enough to do the job he has been doing for the past four years, as odd as that sounds.

In the clip below Paul Ryan argues that he has more experience with foreign policy than Barack Obama had when he came into office because Ryan sent people to war as a member of Congress.

I'm even willing to cede that point, but what is the point? Barack Obama has been president for almost four years and, whether you like or dislike his foreign policy, he's been doing the job. Ryan's votes in Congress are hardly proof of deep foreign policy bona fides. Presumably with Ryan's mumbled comments about Obama's lack of experience four years ago, we are supposed to believe that the intervening years haven't mattered. But that's not credible.

Another point worth making is that Ryan doesn't strike me as very good in the national media spotlight. That surprises me a little bit given how so many in the media have been quick to sing his praises as a "serious" voice. It's just my impression but Ryan looks kind of small and out of his depth in the speeches and interviews I've seen so far.

Whatever experience Paul Ryan has had hasn't really prepared him for the job he is seeking. Of course, I could say the same of Mitt Romney.

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