Friday, August 10, 2012

Joe Walsh apparently wants to keep proving he's an unmitigated asshole

Rep. Asshole (R-IL)
Back in July, Rep. Joe Walsh of Illinois said that his Democratic challenger, Tammy Duckworth, a double amputee Iraq War vet, wasn't a "true hero." It was deeply insulting, and deeply wrong, but it was also, at the time, just the latest example of Walsh's offensive stupidity. His assholery, if you will.

Well, we have another example. Here's what he said about President Obama at a campaign barbeque last Sunday:

There's something different on the ground, and I think it's going to overtake us all again, think it's going to overtake the political class. I think it's going to respectfully pick this president up and pat him on the head and say, son, son, son, Mr. President, you were never ready to be president, now go home and work for somebody and find out how the real world works.

Pat him on the head and say son, son, son? Yes, I'd say that's "racially inflammatory," as some are alleging, and it's certainly disrespectful.

I guess pulling the economy back from the brink of collapse after eight years of Bush's irresponsbility, saving General Motors, killing Osama bin Laden, backing the overthrow of Qaddafi, and passing what once was Republican-style health-care reform aren't good enough in Walsh's "real world," huh?

Joe Walsh: asshole extraordinaire. (His ex-wife probably thinks so too.)

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  • If President is the son of Rep. Walsh, does that mean that he owes Obama back child support?

    By Blogger Colin Day, at 9:56 PM  

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