Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Gov. Christie will apparently play nice at the Republican convention

By Richard K. Barry

What, am I not nice?
According to John Avlon at The Daily Beast, Chris Christie will be on his best behaviour for his key note address at the GOP convention, despite what one might expect:
New Jersey Governor Chris Christie’s keynote address is the substantive center-piece of this first night of the Republican Convention. But contrary to expectations that he will play the traditional role of attack dog, the former U.S. Attorney will instead lay out a positive Republican vision of change for the nation – rooted in policy, biography and his surprisingly bipartisan accomplishments in the Garden State.

According to Avalon, "it is a surprising and savvy move from a political figure who opponents sometimes accuse of bullying his critics."
There will be none of the expected fire and brimstone – instead Christie will offer a positive vision of Republican philosophy focused on governing and treating American citizens as adults who understand hard truths, such as the need to reform entitlements to ensure the long-term fiscal stability of the nation.

Of course, Christie is at his best when he's beating up on some hapless victim at a town hall meeting, and this kind of event just doesn't lend itself to his real strength, which is basically being a thug.

On the other hand, it's interesting that someone other than Romney is providing the Republican's positive vision for the country. Shouldn't the candidate be doing that?

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