Saturday, November 20, 2010

Living with our collective heads in sand

It has been awfully difficult to get motivated to write anything -- the lunatics have truly taken over the asylum and it really does seem that things are collapsing at a alarming rate.

The more I see what is going on the more I believe we're toast as a nation. Forget for a minute the morons in Congress running the country -- we are witnessing a huge increase in illiteracy, we are falling behind third world nations in education, our health care system is the most expensive and the most unavailable on the planet, there is not a whiff of moral compass left in our leaders, political courage is extinct, and innovation is more about how much money can be made and not how we can better society. What would be considered inhumane, spiteful, or uncharitable in any other rationale and free society, is seen as patriotic and character-building here. Our national leaders are entrenched in placing politics (and their own power) well-above national security and societal well-being -- and then are hailed by the media as "men and women of honor." Finally, if you even attempt to address the problems or call out what our weaknesses are, you are labeled (and cursed) as unpatriotic and anti-American.

Living with our collective heads in sand.

There is so much hate and divisiveness spewed every day from the Republicans and Teabaggers that there really doesn't seem to be any chance of any form of cooperation in the near future. The mantra of the incoming House leadership and new Senate minority is to insure the defeat and destruction of Obama and the Democrats -- at any cost.

Then have Pravda the Fox Propaganda Machine market those political battles as jingoistic rah-rah-America. If the extreme partisanship causes even more economic hardships along the way -- doesn't matter, the people -- who are numbed to the point of hearing only what they want to hear -- will believe that only the GOP can put the country on the right track and should gain all three branches in two years.

Joseph Goebbels and the Great Lie lives on.

That is the plan. It is that simple. The Republicans bully and the Democrats cower. So far, in the weeks after the election -- without even being sworn in yet -- it is working like a dream.

We are living in an era where hate is acceptable, idiocy is admired, selfishness and greed are the norm, blaming the other guy is the cause of everything, inanity (like Dancing With The Stars) is what is important and policy is dictated by threats. This cannot go on -- it will collapse of its own weight.

Our last best defense -- the news media -- has completely capitulated to the insanity. With ratings and good television as the driving force instead of exposure and information - the media has enabled maniacs like the Teabaggers, worthless idiots like Sarah Palin and and hatemongers like Glenn Beck to become credible and influential.

I wonder, are we in 1789 France, 1933 Germany, or 1991 Soviet Union -- or maybe all three?

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  • Sadly, you're right. The recent court ruling that allows unlimited anonymous political donations will guarantee that things will never get better. That was the critical cog in the rethuglicans' self-perpetuating machine.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 9:30 AM  

  • Yes, it sucks. So what are we going to do about it?
    Plato had a famous allegory where prisoners realize that what they think is reality is just shadows on the wall. You have gone one step further and have come to the realization that we are not in a cave but in the belly of the beast.

    By Blogger john horse, at 6:41 AM  

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