Sunday, November 28, 2010

Hopelessly devoted to Sarah Palin

Charles Krauthammer thinks that we liberals are obsessed with Sarah Palin and that we think "she is and will always be the only representative of conservatism of any importance."

Obviously, that's not true. She may be the de facto leader of the Republican Party (move over, Dear Leader Rush), she may be the brightest Republican star (without necessarily being bright), and, with the Tea Party all around her, she may be the new mainstream of the GOP, but certainly there are other important conservatives out there. Like, um, well... Krazy Kristol and the neocons are still important, and then there's Rand Paul... uh, and James Inhofe... and...

No, she's it. For the right, she's The One.

And Americans should know that if they vote Republican and want conservatism to rule, she's what they're getting. Because she's bigger than McConnell, Cantor, and the rest of the Republicans on Capitol Hill, and she's bigger than Romney, Thune, Pawlenty, and the other wannabes for 2012.

So are we obsessed? No, just watching what's going on over on the right, often with great amusement. And I, for one, am hopelessly devoted.

This is a couple of years old, but it's still fresh, especially as we look ahead to a possible Palin presidential run. Enjoy, and have a lovely Sunday.

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  • Krauthammer, Rove, et al, know full well what Palin and the Tea Party are doing to the GOP - moving the party further to the low-brow, hick right, further dividing the nation, and furether ensuring losses in the future. While the move to the Right may help them in the South and parts of the Mid-West interior, they don't need the help there, and meanwhile the coasts and urban centers will react by moving Left. You can't win nationally without at least some cities, some minorities, and some moderate GOP votes from the coasts. Ya' just can't do it.

    Krauthammer is just pulling an ol' sleazy GOP bait 'n switch, by saying that it's the liberals who are obsessed with Palin in order to implore conservatives to be less obsessed with her. Rather than coming out honestly and decrying the idiots on the Right who support her, he instead tries to marginize them by basically lumping them in with the hated liberals. He's not going to make any new friends using that tact.


    By Blogger Jersey McJones, at 3:26 PM  

  • I wish I had careful you guys sound more and more like Krauthammer and Rove every day. Which side are you on anyway, oh yah, you are with the elitist.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 11:06 AM  

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