Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Just how insane and extremist is Arizona's new immigration law?

Right-wing favourite and presumptive Florida GOP Senate nominee Marco Rubio has "concerns," which is saying a lot.

Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush thinks it "creates unintended consequences" and isn't "the proper approach."

George W. Bush "brain" and "turd blossom" Karl Rove predicts there are "going to be some constitutional problems with the bill."

In contrast, many others on the right, such as Bill Kristol and George Will, are behind Arizona all the way and think it's a great and necessary move, and so it's not like conservative opposition to the law is widespread. Indeed, even the opposition to it has generally been muted, carefully crafted to express disappointment while not taking issue with the Republican approach to immigration generally.

It is rather hypocritical, not to mention downright appalling, that a party and a movement that smear Obama with socialist and fascist labels and claim to be defending freedom are in fact interested only in freedom for a select few, or more broadly for their own kind. A few high-profile exceptions notwithstanding, their enthusiastic support for what amounts to an American form of fascism is telling.

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