Monday, February 01, 2010

So long, Charlie Crist... how about becoming a Democrat?

By Michael J.W. Stickings

Dear Governor Crist,

You're being pummelled and sent packing by the extremist fringe of your own party -- no, sorry, that's wrong... let me begin again.

You're being pummelled and sent packing by the new mainstream of your own party, the right-wing extremism, way to the right of you and your centrist inclinations, of Marco Rubio and his backers throughout conservatism, or what passes for conservatism these days.

You're down by 12 to Rubio, according to Rasmussen, and, short of Rubio pulling a Larry Craig or something, you have no chance of winning the Republican primary for this year's Florida Senate race. Qunnipiac had the race far closer recently, but the trend is clear -- and it's not looking good for you. The Great Republican Purge continues, and you're one of the next key victims.

As Kos acknowledges, "[t]his is pretty much a grassroots uprising by Florida conservatives."

So what are you going to do?

"Everyone I talk to in Florida tells me that Crist is the ultimate political survivor, that he'll do whatever it takes to win," says Kos. "Well, I don't believe, and I won't believe it until he switches to the Democratic Party. Because if he wants to win his state's Senate seat, it's the only way he has a shot at it."

So how about it? You seem to like Obama, the Democratic Party is a far broader and more inclusive party than the GOP, you'd get along fine with the various centrists in the Democratic caucus (Bayh, Nelson, etc.), as well as with the rest of caucus, which is generally open-minded, the party leadership and much of the party grassroots would welcome you with open arms, you'd be given a chance to make a real difference fighting for what's important for the American people, like health care and jobs and like Arlen Specter, for example, you could find a comfortable home across the aisle, even if your main priority is saving your political skin.

Of course, you could run as an independent, as Chris Cillizza suggests, and that could work, but you surely know that very few independents make it in national politics, and, even if you did win, your seat wouldn't be safe.

Anyway, think about it. We'd be pleased to have you.

-- Michael Stickings

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