Thursday, October 15, 2009

Sign of the Apocalypse #69: Alejandra Guzman's butt shots

Just not the right sort of butt shots, it would seem.

As the AP is reporting, the popular Mexican singer was hospitalized after coming down with an infection from a cosmetic procedure that involves, yes, butt shots -- injections into the buttocks.

I haven't been able to find any details regarding just what was injected into her backside, or what the injection does (she apparently just wanted to be "more beautiful" for her boyfriend), but it seems that the director of the clinic she went to did not have a cosmetology degree, just a high school diploma.

Guzman now apparently wants to raise awareness about such procedures. Fine, and I wish her well, but, prior to this incident, did she never think that getting herself injected in the ass maybe wasn't such a great idea? Or, more deeply, that a society that seems to require that women (and, increasingly, men) subject themselves to such treatments is not exactly a healthy one?

Probably not. Consider, for example, the crazy popularity of Botox, a dangerous toxin that essentially induces paralysis. I suspect that most people do what they think they need to do without thinking much about it.

So much of the current body modification fad is questionable (if not repellent) -- from breast augmentation (SOTA #5) to designer vaginas (SOTA #13) -- and this is no different. I understand the desire to look good, as well as the incredible pressure on celebrities in the public eye to reach for bodily perfection the way Icarus reached for the sun. But how far is too far?

I'd say butt shots at disreputable clinics, leading to infection and hospitalization, is too far.

Hence SOTA #69.


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