Friday, February 06, 2009

Not quite the scandal I was expecting

By non sequitur

So, with all the problems in Putin's Russia (yes, I know, technically Medvedev's Russia, but seriously), who would have seen this story coming? Though Putin's spokesman is denying it, apparently an Abba tribute band ("Bjorn Again") played a private show for Putin and about seven other guests (and the Kremlin paid for the trip and performance).

Bjorn Again's manager Rod Stephen and other band members said Mr Putin danced to Abba hits and shouted "Bravo!"

The PM's spokesman denied the claim. Mr Putin - a former KGB spy who has a black belt in judo - is known in Russia and the West for his macho image.


The four member-group says Mr Putin and about seven other guests, including a woman, were present at the concert, but they sat on a sofa veiled by a curtain.

Veiled by a curtain? What the hell was going on here? If Putin was visible, who were they trying to hide? Have the Russians re-animated Stalin?

And why was there only one woman? If we hear more about this "private party," will it involve the phrase "pulling a train"?

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