Wednesday, January 14, 2009

A popular stimulus

By Creature

It seems Americans are all on board with the new POTUS and his spending plan. Even most Republicans (68%) are willing to give spending a chance. Twenty percent of them, however, back obstructing the new -- and very popular -- president. Twenty percent. The same twenty percent who love Sarah Palin, listen to Sean 'n' Rush, and think Joe the Plumber is A-OK. These people must be ignored. If only.

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  • Why can't the people that need the money det the money.I am talking about the average people not the big co. ceo's. The gov gave the banks and the auto industry money. where did it go. Well the ceo's got their 5million $ bonuses.What did the average person get nothing. it would be like planting a seed give the average people an amt of say 50,000 and that will plant the seed for the ecomony to grow. They would pay the morgage helping the banks,buy autos, helping the auto makers, pay their debts with credit cards helping the lending industry. buy things for their home helping all of the other industries. the ecomony would grow. As it is right now we are filling the nests that are already built.The rich are getting richer and the poor r getting poorer. If you agree then lets stand together and let our elected officals know this. Some will listen and some won't because they have never been in the position of not knowing how they are going to feed their children,or how they can buy their medicine etc.Come on america lets stand together and get the seeds planted. The US is in a crisis that could be solve so easy think about it. HELP PLANT THE SEED.If you agree then let the elected officals lknow and for the ones that have not a clue, continue contacting them until they do understand, they resprent the people (US)we put them in the office to help us. They can only help if they hear us talking.

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