Friday, October 17, 2008

Election, the Big Picture

By Carol Gee

The last presidential debate is over. Fewer people watched this debate than watched the second. Most people think that Barack Obama was the more successful debater. And, because that is the case, the Republican smear machine is still in operation.

Truth squads are out. There are websites dedicated to that work. Television networks make some attempts to help viewers sort fact from fiction. Attempts to define Barack Obama as somehow dangerous are back-firing. Recent weeks have proven that racism remains a nasty reality in far too many places. And it was unleased by the McCain campaign. John McCain has been playing with fire. People worry about the potential for violence. Moreover, McCain is losing credibility as a true maverick with the general public, and also with many in the mainstream media.

"Joe the Plumber" is on the hotseat, along with Sarah Palin. Joe is actually a worker. He is not a licensed plumber, and several government entities that have jurisdiction are probing further. Veep candidate Sarah Palin is also having major ethics problems. Palin's problems are turning out to be the perfect example of that old saw, "the pot calling the kettle black."

TV ad buys for presidential candidates are in a state of flux. It is quite a contrast. Obama is soon going to be speaking to the nation on many major networks for a half hour. And the Republicans are forced to cut back on any advertising in several states. Voting has begun for many people. Many people worry that the Republicans will somehow steal the election. There are predictions that there will be major voting problems, a possible "major meltdown." College students will be particularly affected, facing major stumbling blocks.

President George W. Bush has 94 days left in office. There have been 4185 military deaths in the Iraq war since March of 2003. And in 18 days it will be Election Day. Get the picture?

Hat Tip: Most of today's story leads came from my regular contributors, Jon and "betmo."

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