Saturday, April 26, 2008

This guy calls other candidates "elitist"?

By J. Kingston Pierce

Following up on its recent TV spot pointing out how John “100 Years War” McCain and George W. Bush are joined at the hip as far as their political policies go, the group Progressive Media USA now rolls out a second ad, this one making clear that the elderly, anger-management-challenged McCain comes by his ignorance of problems facing everyday Americans honestly: he’s too rich to know better, married as he is to a beer heiress and toting around one of American Express’ ultra-exclusive Centurion Cards. (Believe it or not, he also pockets about $20,000 a year in Social Security income, draining money from coffers that would better be used to help poor and out-of-work Americans.)

As Matthew Yglesias observes quite rightly at, “[I]f you’re looking for an elitist in the Presidential race you might want to look at the super-rich guy who made his fortune by marrying an heiress.”

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