Wednesday, March 05, 2008

A battle of home appliances

By Creature

One of the media narratives coming out of Clinton's wins last night was that somehow Obama wasn't "fighting" Hillary hard enough. That maybe he had pivoted too fast to McCain. Well, kids, get ready for dueling kitchen sinks.

A senior Obama adviser, speaking on condition of anonymity, said Obama's team will respond to Tuesday's results by going negative on Clinton — raising questions about her tax records and the source of donations to the Clinton presidential library, among skeletons in the Clintons' past.

This will not be pretty, but I guess staying above the fray only works for so long.

Update: Steve Benen lists the items thrown as part of Hillary's kitchen sink:

* Rezko
* Canada/NAFTA
* Accusations of “plagiarism”
* Obama’s crisis-management abilities at 3 a.m.
* The media has given Obama a break
* Obama’s healthcare mailings are “Karl Rove-style politics” (”Shame on you”)
* Obama’s experience is similar to George W. Bush
* McCain’s experience is preferable to Obama’s
* Pictures of Obama wearing African garb
* Obama didn’t hold holding hearings as chairman of a Senate subcommittee that is in charge of overseeing NATO troops in Afghanistan
* Obama “denounced” Farrakhan, but didn’t “reject” him
* Obama’s message of “hope” is worthy of mockery and derision
* “60 Minutes” — Obama’s not a Muslim “as far as I know”


Benen concludes: "Obama had narrowed the gap, and Clinton had seen her double-digit leads disappear. Then she launched the no-holds-barred attacks, and for the first time in the entire campaign, Obama’s numbers slipped. It’s hard to call this a coincidence."

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  • I so hate that the Republican grade smear tactics worked for her. I was really hoping the electorate was over fearmongering and negative campaigning.

    By Blogger Libby Spencer, at 10:09 AM  

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