Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Vigorous Sentiment

By Creature

I'm flabbergasted to find out today that at least four, count 'em, four top White House lawyers took part in discussions about destroying evidence, obstructing justice, and generally covering their hostile, lying asses when the time came to decide what to do about those pesky torture tapes. Some top White House officials [Cheney/Addington, for sure] even expressed their "vigorous sentiment" that the tapes should be destroyed.

Who would have thought the White House was so involved and cared so much? It almost makes me think Bush and company were the ones who personally took the moral low ground, ordered the illegal torture, and then tried to pawn all responsibility off on those down the line. But no, they are good, god-fearing folks. They wouldn't do that. Would they?

Update: The White House pushes back. TPM explains:

The essence of the pushback isn't about whether the White House knew of the tapes and their destruction or about whether White House attorneys were deeply involved. The White House is focusing narrowly on the issue of whether it has been misleading by minimizing its role or mis-characterizing it. The pushback, in short, is: Hey, we've been stonewalling and haven't said jack about this.

And, if you don't believe us we're going to stomp our feet and cry until you leave us alone.

Update II: Meme has more.

Update III: The Times gives in to White House bullying and changes their tag-line. Freedom of the press rocks.

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