Thursday, April 12, 2007

Security questions

By Capt. Fogg

The CNN web page headline reads
Parliament bomb raises security questions.

And we thought only the British could do understatement like that. Coming just soon enough after John McCain's idiotic and mendacious statements about being safe to wander around Baghdad to make both him and the administration look like liars of the worst sort, the bombing of the Iraqi Parliament, well within the ultra secure "green zone" certainly does raise questions, the most obvious of which is: where is this progress Bush keeps talking about? Where are the good stories, where are the smiling happy faces of women at the market, playful children in new schoolrooms? Where is the electricity, the running water, the infrastructure of modern life. How many contrived and isolated little news bites do the media have to show before the Iraqis give up their ancient religious hatreds and and become western style democratic secularists?

Or were the suicide bombers "emboldened" by the knowledge that some Americans are figuring out that they've been lied to about how why we're there and how well things are going?

"This simply is a place where people have come to represent the 12 million people who voted," said the pathetic Mr. Bush.

I'm not sure what that is supposed to mean other than any place in Iraq is simply a place where you can be blown to bits at any time regardless of who or where you are and regardless of whether the media are giving us optimistic stories or showing us the body parts strewn all over the floor. Trying in vain to make this an issue of democracy and opposition to democracy; an issue of blind optimism versus pragmatic objectivity, Bush keeps stuttering and stumbling on and on about how the chaos, anarchy and mayhem are the result of a lack of grinning cheerleaders and not the result of the most dangerously incompetent and brazenly dishonest administration in US history.

Perhaps if we continue to think we can muddle along until Bush allows himself and the malignant Mr.Cheney to be replaced, we are as delusional as he is. He will be blaming the media and the Liberals and the flag burners and the Democrats while the world goes up in smoke and democracy in America becomes a sad memory.

There is no choice but impeachment and no time to lose.

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