Friday, February 02, 2007

Put, not find

By Creature

National Security Advisor Stephen Hadley took a turn in front of the press today and was questioned as to why the administration refuses to use the term "civil war." Hadley, ignoring the fact that the very NIE he himself quotes calls the deteriorating situation in Iraq a civil war, stated that the administration does not use the term "because it’s not an adequate description of the situation we find ourselves."

Leaving aside the whole civil war thing, that's not what this post is about, Hadley sounds like the "situation we find ourselves" comes as some sort of a surprise and is not a product of their own incompetent policy--a policy that mainly consists of wishing on shooting stars and praying at the Altar of Dick. Mr. Hadley, we did not find ourselves in this situation, you put us into this situation. Never forget it, because the people certainly won't.

For the visually inclined, Think Progress has the moving pictures. For more words, the Carpetbagger runs down the rest.

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