Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Gunboat diplomacy

By Creature

A few weeks back ABC News reported that as part of our "new way forward" in Iraq the president and the pentagon were considering "taking steps to curb Iranian interference in Iraq." Today, despite all the talk about The Decider not yet deciding a thing, there are plans for a new way forward. This nugget from NBC News:

The U.S. Central Command is aggressively planning a naval buildup in the Persian Gulf, including the addition of a second aircraft carrier, in response to a series of aggressive actions by Iran, U.S. military officials told NBC News on Tuesday.

The officials pointed to Iran's interference in Iraq — including its support for Shiite militants and shipments of improvised explosive devices into the country — recent military naval exercises in the Gulf, and its pursuit of nuclear weapons.

The attempt at "gunboat diplomacy" is in its final planning stages. Although it has not been approved yet, it appears likely the increase in U.S. warships into the Gulf could come as early as January, the officials said.

Don't be fooled. The president has already decided. To George Bush "a change in Iraq" means a new, even bigger, war.

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