Sunday, August 13, 2006


By Creature

Today on Meet the Press GOP chairman Ken Mehlman unveiled to an eager public a new talking point carefully crafted to counter the much derided Iraq strategy of stay-the-course. The new spin, on the same old plan, is "win by adapting." How exciting. But don't take my word for it. Here is the latest straight from the horse's ass mouth:
MR. MEHLMAN: Look, the fact is that our mission in the war in Iraq is critical. We agree on that; we agree it’s wrong to cut and run. But look, we’re not coming in and saying “Stay the course.” The choice in this election is not between “Stay the course” and “Cut and run,” it’s between “Win by adapting” and “Cut and run.”

Let me tell you what we’re doing. The fact is, before the successful Iraqi elections, the number of troops went up from 137,000 to 167,000. That’s adapting to win. Recently, the increased troops in Baghdad, adapting to win. We changed how the training of Iraqi forces occurred to involve more Iraqis.

That’s adapting to win.

And that's a whole lot of crap. The only thing the GOP adapts is their spin.

Democrats, you have been warned.

UPDATE: Think Progress is thinking right along with me. Go see Mehlman, his new talking point, and the evidence against him.

UPDATE II: Jon Stewart is also thinking right along with me. Making fun of the GOP is fun.

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