Sunday, February 19, 2006

Reaction to the blogs: Third parties, feminism, and Canada's religious right

I haven't done a "Reaction to the blogs" post in quite some time -- this is where I draw attention to some good posts I've come across recently, mostly by bloggers who (like me) don't have the exposure of a Kos, an Atrios, a Drum, or a Digby -- but, as I try to put Canada's 2-0 loss to Finland in Olympic hockey behind me, let's get right to it:

At All Facts and Opinions, Natalie Davis looks at how "some Capitol Hill lawmakers are acting like spoiled children and spearheading an effort to limit electoral choice" -- specifically by pushing legislation (a campaign-reform bill that would establish a public-subsidy regime for Congressional elections, essentially to take private money out of politics) that would make it extremely difficult for third parties and third-party candidates to compete against Republicans and Democrats.

Anne Zook wonders about her blogging -- and then gets quite serious, in an ironic sort of way. Anne also links to a good article by Robert Parry at Consortiumnews (yes, the media do leave much to be desired).

Legally Blonde presents a laugh from law school.

Tart Juice examines the fine art of puttering.

Geeky Mom (a.k.a., Laura) tries to find a balance between parenting and working.

At One Good Thing, Flea tackles Mao, The Vagina Monologues, and feminism -- yes, all in one post.

Up here in Canada, The Galloping Beaver (one of the best blog names ever) "sheds some light on the gathering Christian fundamentalist groups who are now establishing 'institutes' in Ottawa in preparation for lobbying what they perceive as a 'friendly' government". Go for it, say I. It'll be the Conservatives' undoing -- and not a moment too soon.

Red Tory, also Canadian, addresses the cartoon controversy, rather provocatively, here and here.

Part-Time Pundit John Bambenek, who recently took the time to comment on my post on Ann Coulter (for which I thank him -- he's one of the best conservative bloggers out there), interprets the First Amendment.

At Casual Asides, D.J. Waletzky has written a long, thoughtful post on three topics: "No Blogging on Yom Kippur," "The Cult of Strength," and "Evolving Creationism".

This is just a start, and I'll be doing more of this from now on. There's a lot of excellent reading to be found in the blogosphere. Keep checking back for more recommendations. (And don't hesitate to get in touch with me with your own recommendations. I'm always happy to link to such good stuff.)

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