Monday, October 31, 2005

Will Bush be the next Comeback Kid?

Time comments on Bush's "week from hell" and what may be left for this bruised and battered president.

It won't be easy for Bush to come back from this mess: "More than anything else, it was the Miers meltdown that dissolved once and for all the image of a President whom no one defies and whose luck never runs out. The whole debacle, even Bush insiders say, reflects the problem of a leader who doesn't hear from enough people."

Plus, Rove has not been "in top form" and "Cheney's standing has suffered".

And here, perhaps, is the problem (for all of us): "'These guys are very good at campaigning,' says an outside adviser to the White House, 'and not so good at governing.' As long as there is an election on the horizon, they function like a humming machine and their coalition stays in line. But in an environment where that isn't there, they fall apart."

Great. But look where that leaves America (and the rest of us).

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