Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Miers Withdrawal Watch -- Part 3

Over at The Moderate Voice, Joe Gandelman has an excellent round-up and analysis of the latest developments.

A new conservative website: WithdrawMiers.org, "the clearinghouse for people who believe Harriet Miers should withdraw her nomination".

Leading anti-Miers conservative (and fellow Canadian) David Frum has set up Americans for Better Justice, "a 501(c)(4) political non-profit organization made up of grassroots conservatives from across the country who support President George W. Bush, but disagree with the nomination of Harriet Miers to the Supreme Court." He's even got a petition, should you care to jump on board.

Via Professor Bainbridge, here's more Hugh Hewitt. And a line-by-line critique of his Harrietaphilia at Confirm Them. Bainbridge, one of my favourites on the right (he mentions me here), has more here, here, and here.

On Monday's Daily Show, Bill Kristol predicted that the Miers nomination will be withdrawn within two weeks. (See the video via Crooks and Liars.)


The Reaction to The Truth Laid Bear: I oppose the Miers nomination.

Obviously. My initial post is here. It includes this: "America needs a Supreme Court that rises above mere competence and aspires to excellence. That, after all, is what the Framers of the Constitution envisioned. Cronyism aside, America can do better than Harriet Miers. She may be a smart, loyal, pleasant woman with a reputable career behind her, but she's no Supreme Court justice." See here for links to other posts and scroll down on the main page for more recent ones.

Previous installments of the MWW:


It's been another busy evening/night at The Reaction. Scroll down, or click on these links, for Monday/Tuesday posts on Brent Scowcroft, Zimbabwe, Darfur, Zogby on Bush, Hurricane Wilma, Ben Bernanke, and Rosa Parks.

(Meanwhile, let's see if this works. And this. And this. It's open trackbacking on the right. An interesting (and useful) idea for bloggers, and I certainly don't mind reaching out across the spectrum to conservatives -- well, some of them. After all, political difference is not necessarily preventative of mutual respect... We'll see how much more of it I do.)

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