Friday, June 12, 2015

Yes, gay rights are the same as civil rights

By Richard Barry

In an interview on CNN recently, Republican GOP presidential hopeful Ben Carson said this:
What position can a person take who has no animosity toward gay people, but believes in the traditional definition of marriage that would be acceptable?

I can't be the only one who sees the irony in Carson, an African-American, saying that, you know, he has nothing against gay people, as long as they don't insist on having the same rights as the rest of us.

Heck, I'll bet some of Carson's best friends are gay. Maybe not, but as long as they know their place he probably wouldn't be opposed to the idea.

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  • There's also a dog whistle element to it too. Same sex marriage is the issue of the day regarding gay rights. But if it were thirty years ago, he'd be saying that he doesn't hate gay people, he just doesn't think they should be teaching our children. That's the difficulty with conservative views: they have a short shelf life. In 20 years, I'm sure that Carson will be fine with same sex marriage. But there will be something else to get his hate on about.

    By Blogger Unknown, at 12:13 AM  

  • In my opinion, Carson is a forward thinking man, who thinks outside the box. Especially when it came to subjects pertaining to the black community and how is one of a few black men who doesn't shift blame on black inequality or racism. He focuses on life style and education and many other things to figure out the issue.

    Don't get me wrong, we all slip up and we all have our personal views. His personal view of Marriage and its definition is the union of one male and one Female, while others view church and state separately.

    He didn't say he didn't believe gay people should not have their own Union, but rather define a term for The Union of male and male or female and female.

    I cannot validate your claims of this post as far as what Carson has said, but maybe he meant insisting on the same right as "Marriage" as in the traditional views of it, so really he was only suggesting to have a redefinition of it for those of same sex, and that being the only difference. What would remain is a union and the normal paperwork.

    As I recall he apologized for offending the community and that, what he had said didn't exactly come out right and what he did mean wasn't realized by others. I try not to let the media sucker punch me into believing everything they make a situation out to be.

    By Blogger Unknown, at 9:54 PM  

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