Tuesday, June 02, 2015

Thank you for playing, Elizabeth Warren

While it would have been fun to watch Elizabeth Warren campaign for the Democratic nomination, I have never been impressed with her political chops. Love the message, but the messenger leaves me more than little cold. Another overly earnest lefty without, it seems, the ability to lighten up. Have you seen her on Jon Stewart? Can you imagine a year and a half of that?  No thank you.

Politics is about performance and the mirthless Senator from Massachusetts is not up to the job. 

I was therefore not saddened to see that the advocacy groups pushing Warren to run have finally given up or, more accurately, suspended operations.
Though leaders of Democracy for America and MoveOn.org, the two groups behind the six-month-old “Run Warren Run” effort, acknowledged not achieving their “central goal,” they are not admitting defeat.

Ilya Sheyman, executive director of MoveOn.org Political Action, and Charles Chamberlain, executive director of DFA, wrote in a Politico op-ed Tuesday morning that Warren’s influence is already present in the race for the White House. “In the six months since we launched the Run Warren Run effort, Senator Warren’s agenda and message have transformed the American political landscape,” Sheyman and Chamberlain asserted.

Agreed on the influence Sen. Warren has had but, regarding her potential run, please admit defeat. You have been defeated. Elizabeth Warren is not running.

Having said that, Elizabeth Warren has had and is having a positive impact on the campaign. Feel good about that. Even Mrs. Clinton is using Warren-esque language in her stump speeches. Serious discussion about the Trans-Pacific-Partnership trade deal, a higher minimum wage, and the importance of organized labour are taking place in part due to Sen. Warren's efforts. The fact that Bernie Sanders is being taken seriously at all can be attributed in part to Sen. Warren. It's all good and laudable.

But it's over now. Let's move on. Let's enjoy the little dog and pony show that will be the Democratic nomination process, with the cast such as it is, before we all get on the Hillary bandwagon and kick some Republican ass.

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  • I had a different reason for not wanting her to run. I see her as being the liberal conscience of the Senate for a long time into the future. I was afraid that a presidential campaign (especially one she was almost certain to lose) would tarnish her.

    There is also a sexist element here. It is far more acceptable in modern America for a man to be a scold than a woman. Sad to say, Sanders is the better tool for that.

    I do, however, think that Warren is a stronger politician than people give her credit for. But that may just be me. I like college professors!

    By Blogger Unknown, at 7:08 PM  

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