Tuesday, May 26, 2015

George Pataki: Yesterday's man

By Richard Barry

It would appear that former New York Governor George Pataki doesn't get out much, by which I mean he is pro choice, very concerned about environmental protection, has a record of promoting stronger gun laws, and still wants to run for the GOP presidential nomination.

While he has already begun to use the typical hedge that decisions on issues like gay marriage, gun rights, and education should be left to the states, I suspect he won't be able to avoid offering his own views once things get going.

Add to this that few think he can make a credible run and he doesn't register in the polls.

Not that I'm a fan, but it is interesting that, as pollster Larry Sabato says, Gov. Pataki is rated no better than an also ran, despite the fact that he is "a three-term governor of New York who was a prominent part of 9/11."

But if he is able to break through at all, it will be fascinating to see how a candidate with some very unusual views for a Republican impacts the overall dynamic of the conversation.

Again, if he does get noticed, and that's a big if, he may stand as a reminder to voters just how radical the  more "credible" GOP candidates either are or will have to present themselves to win the nomination.

George Pataki: What Republicans used to look like.


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  • I'm fascinated by the "local control" argument -- especially when it comes from libertarians. The history of the US clearly shows that "local control" means "oppression of the weak." Despite the delusions about black helicopters, it the federal government that has been a force for liberty and "local control" for oppression.

    The Republican elites are all crazy because that is what the base of the party wants. So Pataki will of course be an also ran. But he might have a book to sell or something. Remember: this is the 2016 Republican presidential nomination; it has very little to do with politics and everything to do with commerce.

    Ben Carson 2016!

    By Blogger Unknown, at 10:35 PM  

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