Thursday, April 16, 2015

Lincoln Chafee says Hillary Clinton shouldn't be president because . . . Iraq

By Richard K. Barry

I'm very sympathetic to the argument that Hillary Clinton should continue to be hammered on that whole Iraq war thing, but, um, I sure wish we had someone more articulate making the case. Geesh!

If you missed it, and that would have been easy, Lincoln Chafee, this guy, is running for the Democratic presidential nomination.

To be fair, because it's nice to be fair:
On paper, Chafee’s resume is presidential caliber: He’s served in the Senate, as governor and as the mayor of Warwick, Rhode Island. But he faces several obstacles to being considered a serious rival to Clinton for the nomination. For one, he only joined the Democratic Party in 2013 — after serving in the Senate as a Republican and running for governor as an independent — and lacks the political infrastructure of former Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley, who served for two years as chairman of the Democratic Governors Association.

He also lacks the national profile of Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren, who says she’s not running despite a big grassroots push for her to do so, or even independent Sen. Bernie Sanders, who has cultivated a large following on social media.

So, no one knows who he is, he has limited political infrastructure in place, and he can't, apparently, put together a coherent sentence. 

Sure, why not?


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