Friday, April 10, 2015

Behind the Ad: The RNC starts the Hillary attacks

By Richard K. Barry

Who: The Republican National Committee

Where: Swing states: Ohio, Florida, Virginia, Colorado, North Carolina and Iowa.

What's going on: On Sunday, Hillary Clinton will announce her candidacy for the Democratic nomination for president. Republicans will start slinging mud as soon thereafter as they possibly can. Ya gotta love 'em.

In a series of web ads, the GOP will do their Fox News best to sully the reputation of the former first lady, U.S. senator, and secretary of state by "
highlighting controversies while Clinton was secretary of state and questions about foreign donations to her foundation."
"From the East Wing to the State Department, Hillary Clinton has left a trail of secrecy, scandal and failed liberal policies that no image consultant can erase," RNC Chairman Reince Priebus said in a statement. "Voters want to elect someone they can trust and Hillary's record proves that she cannot be trusted. We must 'Stop Hillary.'"

Thank you Eddie Munster, I mean Reince Priebus. 

Partisanship aside, nothing about these ads strikes me as effective. The second in particular seems like frat house humour. You can almost hear Priebus and his pals giggling as they screen the rough cuts. 

So much of how Republicans campaign is to pitch the message to the already convinced. They won't win that way. 

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