Monday, March 09, 2015

Take a deep breath, Mark Halperin

By Richard K. Barry 

Big name political prognosticator Mark Halperin thinks Hillary Clinton has really done it now. Yes, he thinks this e-mail thing is going to make it impossible, sort of, for her to become president.

Speaking on This Week Sunday morning he said this:
What she’s doing here in terms of lack of response, lack of a sense of what people think of her, combined with what I thought was an extraordinarily weak performance at the Emily’s List speech the other day — her husband can get through this because he’s the politician of a lifetime. She cannot. If this is the way she’s going to run her operation, if this is her mindset, I don’t think she’s going to be president.

Of course Halperin didn't exactly say the e-mails would be her downfall, only that if her response to this is indicative of how she intends to run her campaign, she could be in trouble.

Not a particularly specific or interesting comment as far as I'm concerned, but pundits don't get paid for keeping their mouths shut.

Sure, if the e-mails yield new and damaging information, it'll be a problem. Otherwise, not so much. 

By the way, SNL pretty well nailed it.

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