Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Republicans really should stop apologizing for America

I thought conservatism was all about history and tradition. Guess not.

On the reprehensible actions of 47 Republican senators signing a letter to Iran, McClatchy writes this:

The U.S. Senate Historian’s Office has so far been unable to find another example in the chamber’s history where one political party openly tried to deal with a foreign power against a presidential policy, as Republicans have attempted in their open letter to Iran this week.

Imagine that. No precedent, which pretty much contravenes the whole idea of conservatism.

But I guess what we are all really thinking is this, expressed very well by Sen Chris Murphy, D-Conn. in an interview with National Journal:
I can't even imagine the uproar if Democratic senators [had been] writing to Saddam Hussein in the lead up to the Iraq War.

Oh, I can imagine.

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