Friday, June 27, 2014

Some sanity prevails at Fox News

By Richard K. Barry 

What should we make of recent, apparently genuine, attempts by Fox News personalities to call bullshit in interviews with right-wing luminaries? First it was Megyn Kelly telling Dick Cheney he had some fucking nerve saying that President Obama was making a botch of Iraq after Vice President Cheney did so much to create the debacle in the first place. 

And then Neil Cavuto seemed to finally blow a gasket by the task of trying to take notoriously nutty  Rep. Michelle Bachmann seriously. (True fact: "Notoriously Nutty" is Bachmann's rapper name).

In this case, Cavuto got quite agitated as he called Bachmann "silly" for defending the GOP's lawsuit against Obama for over-using executive privilege and wanting to defund him. Cavuto's point, in part, was that Republican's didn't exactly support Democrats when they criticized George W. Bush for using the same executive orders.

Sure, this isn't earth shattering stuff, but it's Fox News we're talking about. I simply don't believe that network President Roger Ailes is offside with this. 

Are they pulling back a little bit before the midterms, which, in all likelihood, are going to go the GOP's way?  Is Fox News smart enough to know that ramping down the crazy might be the best way to elect Republicans this fall? In other words, seeming more reasonable and thoughtful to swing voters while your opponents are increasingly vulnerable is just smart politics.

Or am I giving Fox too much credit?

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