Wednesday, January 29, 2014

The schaden, It freezes

By Carl

Y’know, I should be smirking gently over the things happening in the South.

After all, whenever it gets up over a hundred here in NYC and things start to pop and break, inevitably there’s a story from down theyarrrr about how sissypanties New Yorkers are, and how Suthners can handle the heat.

So video of people being stuck in traffic for hours, even days, because of a dusting of snow should be enough for me to take a little snarky moment or two, right?

The problem is, of course, that for the grace of God go I. Much of the trouble is because cities and counties don’t buy salt because, you know, why would you? And they don’t have plows because who needs them?

And then I think: we’re just one real budget crisis – and one really bad winter – away from losing our plows and our salt supply. It could happen. Not likely, but it could. Already in the north, we’re seeing shortages of propane to rural communities because of the difficulty of getting trucks around in the terrible snowstorms and deeply frigid temperatures of the last month or so, doubly so as the frigid temperatures have thermostats working overtime. And all it took was one bus to have engine problems on a bridge to shut down an entire borough. It took hours, literally, to travel less than a mile over water.

It’s not fair for me to mock folks for panicking over an amount of snow that is about as high as the pile of confectioner’s sugar on a donut.

But it’s hard not to!

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  • I wonder how many bloggers who have endured hurricanes in the past made fun of the panic after Sandy? Ice bites. And it was ice that created the parking lots of the Interstates, not the snow. Note: Born in New Orleans (lived through Betsy and Camille), lived many years in Northeast Tennessee (where I learned how to drive in both ice and snow), and currently residing in Portland, Oregon (which rarely gets snow), I'm just askin' y'all, ya know?

    By Blogger dancinfool, at 2:05 PM  

  • i'm from colorado, and do you know what we call 2 inches of snow in colorado?


    By Blogger Unknown, at 8:33 PM  

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