Saturday, September 21, 2013

The beautiful Costa Concordia

By Frank Moraes

(Ed. note: Originally, this post incorrectly stated that two people died. In actual fact, 32 people died. We regret the error. Also, as you probably know, the ship was recently raised following a massive salvaging operation. I blogged about it, with pics and a video clip, here. -- MJWS)

On 13 January 2012, the cruise ship Costa Concordia hit a rock off Isola del Giglio and basically fell over. It was sad -- mostly because 32 people died. Yesterday, an acquaintance sent me a link to the image above (the link has a higher resolution image).

In a fundamental sense, I have a very immature appreciation for art. I like bright colors. A lot. And in that way, I don't suppose that I'm much different from most toddlers. There is much to like in this picture. The composition is great -- the various elements fit together like blocks. The light on the pole out frame is a nice touch. And the whole thing looks like the mess that one wakes to after a hard night of drinking.

But mostly, I just like the red, blue, and yellow.

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  • The death toll from the Costa Concordia grounding and capsize was 32.

    Two bodies are missing and are presumed to remain onboard.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 6:39 PM  

  • Sorry about that error. I don't know where I got that "2 dead" number from. Given that, it was a far more tragic accident.

    By Anonymous Frank Moraes, at 2:01 AM  

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