Thursday, September 26, 2013

Something's not right here

By Carl

You may recall a story from a few weeks ago about a NYC cab jumping a curb and hitting a British tourist, mangling her lower leg and forcing it to be amputated. Her life was saved by a passerby who quickly wrapped his belt around her leg as a tourniquet before paramedics could scoot her to a hospital.

Well, you’ll be pleased to read that the victim is grateful not only to the gentleman who came to her aid but to many other strangers – including TV’s Dr. Oz – who assisted her, and is keeping a very positive attitude about the whole thing.


You will not be pleased with the rest of the story.

First, the driver, Faisal Himon will be getting his license back in a few days and will be out on the streets of NY, terrorizing tourists and residents alike again.

Now that you’ve taken a breath and released your rage, you may recall that a stranger leaped into action, likely saving the girl’s life.


Yea. That didn’t work out so well for our hero

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