Sunday, September 29, 2013

Dick Morris registers an anti-Hillary PAC

Remember when political consultant/operative Dick Morris predicted that Mitt Romney would win the Presidency in a landslide in 2012? Because imprecision is for sissies, he said that Romney would win 325 electoral votes and Obama would win 213. 

Morris has had an interesting career, having been a close advisor to the Clintons through both the Arkansas years and then at the White House. And then there was that nasty prostitution scandal that had him pushed out the door and out of the Clinton's world.  More recently he had been making his money at Fox News as a Clinton hater, while also supporting a range of conservative causes and candidates. 

Politics may frequently be without principle, but Dick Morris takes that to whole 'nother level. Wherever there is money to be made,  you will will find Mr. Morris. 

Roll Call recently reported that Morris has institutionalized his hatred of the Clintons with a new super PAC. 

A former conservative commentator for Fox News, who ran a $4 million super PAC against the Democrats in 2012, has started a new super PAC apparently to make independent expenditures against former Secretary of State and former Senator Hillary Clinton, D-N.Y. Hillary Clinton has not announced she is a candidate.

Dick Morris’ Just Say No to Hillary PAC was registered at the Federal Election at the end of this week. The treasurer is Nancy Watkins in Tampa, Florida. She is a specialist in campaign finance law and provides accounting services to many political committees. Watkins also registered a second PAC, Just Say No to Hillary PAC.

Because there is a good chance Hillary Clinton will continue to be big news through 2016 and perhaps beyond, a joker like Morris couldn't stand not to have a piece of the action. And since he is not going to be inside their tent, he'll have to settle for being outside in the same neighbourhood, which is likely okay with him as long as he gets paid.  

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