Friday, July 12, 2013

Behind the Ad: New Jersey Senate candidate Frank Pallone gets in the game

By Richard K. Barry

Who: Rep. Frank Pallone's U.S. Senate campaign

Where: New Jersey (web ad)

What's going on: You're going to get tired of hearing that the NJ special U.S. Senate election is Cory Booker's to lose. Sorry, but it is. There are, however, other candidates who want to replace the deceased Sen. Frank Lautenberg and Rep. Frank Pallone is one of them. In a web ad in which The Hill says Pallone frames himself as a "hard-working everyman," the candidate says that his is a "typical Jersey story."

The introductory spot features average supporters touting Pallone's work on health care and environmental issues, while the congressman elaborates on his own policy efforts.

In the ad, Pallone says that deceased Frank Lautenberg was a "workhorse, and he didn't care about the spotlight." Well, well, who could that comment bring to mind?

Lautenberg's family has endorsed Pallone, and son Josh Lautenberg even used those words saying that Booker was a "show horse, not a workhorse," which Josh said bothered his father.

Booker's opponents believe characterizing him as a political celebrity concerned more with his political future than work for his constituents could help cut into his commanding lead of the Democratic primary field in the polls.

Doubt it.

Here's Pallone's ad:


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