Saturday, March 16, 2013

Scott Walker considers a presidential run in 2016

By Richard K. Barry

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker had his 15 minutes of right-wing blather before the massed wing-nuts at the CPAC conference this week. According to Politico, his comments were mostly about how to end what he called the "culture of government dependency."
This president and his allies measure success in government by how many people are dependent on the government. We measure success in government by just the opposite: by how many people are no longer dependent on the government.

Yes, you goddamned morons, that's how President Obama and his allies measure success. I know. That's the line. Earlier in the week Marco Rubio's speech was all about makers and takers. 

I realize it's red meat for the faithful, but it amazes me that they are continuing with a perspective that has been market tested and shown to fail so badly. 

Again: The goal of liberal programs is to level the playing field so everyone has a chance to succeed. The goal of conservative public policy is to deny that there is any inequity in the system, which obviously means there would be no need for government programs because everything is already so hunky-dory. 

If you believe our economic system is fair, and maybe that the country is split into 47 percent takers and 53 percent makers, you should vote Republican. 

And it seems that you might have the option of voting for Scott Walker, who is not ruling out a potential run in 2016. He said on Friday that he is open to the idea and wouldn't even commit to serving a full four-year term as governor should he win reelection next year.

There's your man, because that bullshit worked so well for you the last time. 

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