Saturday, March 02, 2013

Listening to Now: Karine Polwart - "Rivers Run"

By Richard K. Barry

I attended the Folk Alliance International conference in Toronto last week. It was easy to get to as I live in Toronto and work across the street from the Delta Chelsea hotel, the site for the event.

It's always a very intense gathering, mostly intended for music professionals hawking their wares. Performers trying to get noticed by event bookers or record labels, or anyone else who might help their careers. I'd been around the scene in a serious way mostly in the '90s and not since but decided to check things out because it was too easy not to.

I stumbled on a showcase performance a week ago Wednesday, which featured Karine Polwart, a singer-songwriter from Scotland of whom I have not previously been aware. She was undoubtedly the find of the event for me.

 Ms. Polwart has been noticed and heralded on her side of the pond, though she seems less well known over here. I notice from her bio that she has a degree in politics and philosophy from the University of Dundee, which I suppose can't hurt from the perspective of songwriting. In fact, one of the first things one notices about her music is that it is very intelligent. Another thing is her lovely voice.

 You can find out more about her from her website here. I doubt I'd be the first to say she brings to mind Kate Rusby, which I assume anyone would take as high praise.

 Here's a beautiful song called "Rivers Run."

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