Sunday, March 03, 2013

Just go, Mitt

By Richard K. Barry


It is not always true that campaigns and candidates end up hating their opponents at the end of any given campaign. It might be hard to believe, but it is possible to run for office in an honourable way such that no one feels disgusted at the end of the endeavour.

I can't speak for President Obama or his team, but, for me, Mitt Romney proved himself to be such a despicable creature that I feel nothing for his disappointment or Ann's tears at having to face such national public rejection. They clearly expected the great unwashed masses to understand that their social betters should, after all, be in charge. It must seem incredible to the Romney's that "the people" disagreed. 

We now hear that Mitt says "his heart said he was going to win the presidency, but when early results came in on election night, he knew it was not to be." He added that the loss hit him hard, and that Ann cried.

Maybe it's his contempt for nearly half the electorate as "takers" that annoys me most. Maybe it's the ease with which he lied about so many things that rankles. Or, more likely, it is his sense of entitlement that those who have made themselves a lot of money should be allowed to lead those who have not. It's as close as we get to royal ascension in America. The rich think they should be able to pass on the mantle of power to their own and are bloody annoyed when it doesn't work that way.

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  • The only thing that would make Romney significant is if he took his former ideologies and did a 180 by helping (NOT OTHER MORMONS)the poor with a unrelenting fervor and devoting his life to enriching the middle class instead of the wealthy. Otherwise he's just a so- what personality

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 6:23 PM  

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