Thursday, January 03, 2013

The new Congress

By Mustang Bobby

Today is the constitutionally mandated day that the new Congress is sworn in, and it's about damn time, too. The 112th sucked; they were the least productive since the 1940s, and they went out with a couple of howlers, like refusing to vote on disaster relief for Sandy and failure to pass the Violence Against Women Act.

For pure entertainment value, the rants by Republicans Chris Christie and Peter King were fun to watch, and I'm sure that there are some Democrats who are happy to have them sound like Democrats, except for the fact that both men are pretty much jerks and in spite of their trashing of their own party, they're still jerks.

But if you're holding out some kind of hope that this new Congress will be any better than the last one, then you might as well be out in the back yard looking for unicorns, because if anything, this gang will be just as dickish as the last. And that's the optimistic forecast. They will still have to deal with the debt ceiling, spending cuts, and the hundreds of other things that come along, and with about 50 to 75 of the membership still hardcore Tea Partiers who will shriek from the rafters about everything from repealing Obamacare to vaginal probes all in the name of the sacred job creators, John Boehner will find yet another excuse to start drinking at noon.

The only hope for any progress is that the GOP will continue to self-destruct and continue to marginalize themselves into oblivion. 

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