Wednesday, January 09, 2013

So long, teabaggers

By Richard K. Barry

Like it was our fault they started
calling you teabaggers.

So long you batshit crazy bunch of morons. Okay, they're not gone entirely, but considering that Rassmussen finds that only 8% now say they are Tea Party members, they're almost gone. And when you factor in that Rasmussen typically inflates all things conservative by about 50%, the number is probably closer to 4%: 

Views of the Tea Party movement are at their lowest point ever, with voters for the first time evenly divided when asked to match the views of the average Tea Party member against those of the average member of Congress. Only eight percent (8%) now say they are members of the Tea Party, down from a high of 24% in April 2010 just after passage of the national health care law.

On top of that, only 30% of likely voters have a favourable view of the silly bastards and 49% view them unfavourably.

All of this makes me wonder, what the hell was that all about? My guess is it really was just a lot of money making a handful of crazy people look like a political movement. The election is over. The money is gone.

The movement is kaput.

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