Friday, January 04, 2013

Campaign debts and the new Congress

USA Today is reporting that an unusually high number of House freshman will likely be spending more time raising money and less time on the nation's business than their constituents might like:

More than 40% of the 82 incoming House freshmen had more debt than leftover cash in the bank, a USA TODAY analysis of final election reports shows. For more than two dozen of them, the unpaid bills topped $100,000 each. Seven of the 12 new senators showed debts on their Dec. 6 reports to the Federal Election Commission.

Not surprisingly, the new members have been bombarding supporters for campaign money and staging special fundraising events even before being sworn in.  

It's hardly worth saying that money is at the center of politics in America, but it's good that we remind ourselves how much time members of the House have to spend raising money given that they are up for reelection every two years. And, to say the other obvious thing, how beholden they are to those with deep pockets who can help ease their fundraising anxieties. 

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