Thursday, November 15, 2012

Luke Russert should step aside for a qualified applicant

By Richard K. Barry

Come over here. I can't smack you from
where I'm standing.

I have a simple rule when watching news/public affairs programming. I don't like to be embarrassed by the reporter/interviewer. You can never tell how silly the guest might be, so you have to be prepared for what you get. But the "professional" on stage shouldn't make you squirm.

I tend to avoid Al Sharpton and Ed Schultz for this reason. I like their politics, just not the personality they bring to it. I don't doubt their intelligence or their experience as political commentators, watching them just makes me more nervous than I like to be.

Then there is Luke Russert, the kid who only got the job at NBC because his father died. And don't tell me there was any other reason. He is neither intelligent nor experienced, and man is he embarrassing.

The latest is that he asked Nancy Pelosi if maybe she wasn't too old to be leading her party in the House. Well, she smacked the young pup hard by pointing out that older men in Congress, like Mitch McConnell and Steny Hoyer, don't get asked questions like that. Then she turned on the lad and added, "Let's for a moment honour it as a legitimate question although it's quite offensive although you don't realize it I guess."

As Daily Kos put it, "she then went on to offer a lesson in what fighting your way to the top looks like as a mother of five born in 1940."

Yes, Luke Russert, who got a job in network television right out of college through nothing but nepotism, thinks Nancy Pelosi, who fought her way to success over a lifetime, should step aside for a younger person.

Maybe Luke should step aside for a qualified person. What a twit.

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