Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Gov. Chris Christie gets to talk to the Boss -- and flip off his party's presidential nominee (good times)

Everybody knows NJ Gov. Chris Christie loves himself some Bruce Springsteen, but up until now it's been decidedly one-way. Thanks to his new relationship with President Obama, that may be changing. It seems that Christie tweeted that he speaks to the president every day and Obama "even put Bruce Springsteen on the phone."

According to The Huffington Post, however, Christie refused on opportunity to appear with Mitt Romney in Morristown, Pennsylvania, not 20 minutes from Trenton, the New Jersey capital:

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, who was effusive in his praise of President Barack Obama when the two leaders toured damage from Hurricane Sandy last week, turned down a request by Mitt Romney to appear with him at a rally on Sunday night in Pennsylvania, The Huffington Post has learned.

Christie's decision will only add to questions among Republicans about what the governor -- who is up for reelection a year from now -- is thinking, and why he went out of his way to heap praise on the president, and then refused to appear with Romney.

As Daily Kos comments:

Christie has clearly decided that he has a better chance of getting reelected in 2013 than getting the GOP nomination in 2016. It's not like the pro-choice, pro-gun-control, pro-civil unions guy ever had a chance with the modern GOP. So he's doing a heckuva job solidifying his reelection prospects while giving his party a hearty "fuck you." I'm not sanguine about the former, but I heartily endorse the latter.

Yeah, the governor may love himself some Bruce, but he loves himself some Chris Christie even more.

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