Saturday, November 17, 2012

Everyone likes a winner

By Richard K. Barry

I suppose everyone likes to be on the winning side of things. It's human nature and applies in politics as much as anywhere else. It should therefore come as no surprise that President Obama is seeing his favourability numbers rise after the election. 

Gallup has a new poll finding Obama's favourability rating at 58%, which is his best in over three years since a 66% reading in July 2009. The 58% mark is three points higher than his pre-election standing of 55%:

He was more popular after his first election than he is now, with a 68% favorable rating just after the November 2008 election. His all-time high of 78% was measured shortly before his inauguration as president in January 2009.

Call it what you will -- a bandwagon effect or whatever -- everyone likes a winner. Sure, it's a meaningless stat, but maybe it tells us something about how easy in can be to influence the American electorate. 

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