Thursday, November 01, 2012

Bored with polls

By Frank Moraes

This is just getting boring. Like all good liberals, I check Nate Silver's blog several times a day. (It's a Good Liberal Club rule!) But now it is just getting predictable. Let's think about this for a moment.

It must suck being Mitt Romney. Here you are working your campaign strategy of never answering questions. And: bam! This hurricane comes along and makes President Obama look heroic and now your surrogate Chris Christie seems to have a man crush on the President. Damn! And you know Romney was on non-message:

The nine Ohio polls of the last four days all show Obama winning the state -- except for the Rasmussen poll, which is kind of like your mother picking you for her basketball team.

But frankly, I don't give a shit about Romney. He has already had far, far more happiness than he deserves in life. So any pain he gets is good for the universe. The problem is that I'm a little deficient in the happiness race. I'd like to get a little back from the universe. But I'm sure not getting there via the Good Liberal Club and Nate Silver. It's become de rigueur.

The fabulous Nate Silver [yawn!] has increased President Obama's chances of winning re-election to 78.4% with a predicted electoral college total of 299.7. But that's not all. The most likely electoral college total is 332 votes -- there is more than a 17% chance of this being the number of electoral votes he gets. You know what they call that? A landslide. [yawn!]

There's never a good first presidential debate when you need it!

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