Thursday, November 01, 2012

Behind the Ad: General Colin Powell, on board

By Richard K. Barry

(Another installment in our extensive " Behind the Ad" series.)

Who: The Obama-Biden campaign.

Where: Florida, Wisconsin, North Carolina, Virginia, New Hampshire, Ohio. Iowa, Nevada, and Colorado.

What's going on: You probably know that General Colin Powell endorsed President Obama's re-election bid. You probably also know it's been driving the Republicans crazy. It may be the one thing that finally pushes John McCain over the edge. He clearly doesn't have far to go.

(Ed. note: And of course the loathsome John Sununu, a key Romney surrogate, said Powell's endorsement was motivated by race, as if it couldn't possibly have been anything else. This is the way far too many Republicans think. Which may be one reason why Powell, a self-proclaimed "moderate Republican," doesn't seem to feel at home in today's Republican Party. -- MJWS)

In this radio ad, taken from an interview Powell did with CBS news, the retired four star general says a bunch of really nice things about the president.

Powell enthusiastically cited the president's leadership in bringing us back from the brink of economic collapse, ending the war in Iraq, and putting in place a plan to end the war in Afghanistan, along with his strong record of fighting terrorism, as reasons for his endorsement.

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