Wednesday, October 24, 2012

A.M. Headlines

Lincoln Alexander

U.S. Politics

(New York Times): "With debates over, candidates race to clinch vital states"

(Washington Post): "Candidates reveal their strategies for the home stretch"

(Associated Press): "Obama launches 2-day blitz; Romney also ups pace"

(ABC OTUS News): "GOP Senate candidate: 'God intended' pregnancies from rape"

(Reuters): "Democrat pulls ahead in close U.S. Senate race in Connecticut"

Other News

(Bloomberg): "Euro-area recession deepens as manufacturing shrinks: Economy"

(CNN): "UN envoy: Syrian government agrees to cease-fire"

(Jerusalem Post): "Gazans fire 60 rockets, mortar shells into Israel, 5 hurt"

(New York Times): "Lincoln Alexander, Canadian trailblazer, dies at 90"

(New York Times): "Tigers vs. Giants was a century in the making"


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